Blushing Story

Gue mau mencoba hasil belajar bahasa inggrin gue ni. hehehehe… kalo ada yang salah salah harap maklum yaa habis masih amatir si :p

That was a bright day. Me and 4 my friends were walked in sidewalk.

We were going to class after have lunch. There was so many people walked too and some other just sat by the way. When walked, my friends saw a hole in the sidewalk so they tayed away the hole. I saw it also my friends warned me. Accidentally, my phone rang and I saw that was a message I tried to reply it but “bluuuuuss” i forgot about the hole so I fell in the hole.

Everyone in there saw me and chuckling at me. I was so embarassing. My friends kept laugh at me until the class over !

I hope the class over soon and everyone saw me forgot about it !!



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